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Resume Reel 2015

Communications and Media Expert Gary Anthony Ramsay is an accomplished on-air anchor, presenter, reporter and talk show host. Gary has worked as an international and U.S. correspondent for several overseas news agencies. Gary has anchored international, headline and business news. He has also produced several short documentaries on the subject of race, the Obama presidency and the U.S. military mortuary scandal, that saw the remains of service members, dumped in garbage landfills.


International correspondent Gary Anthony Ramsay takes a comprehensive and controversial look at the 2012 re-election bid of Barack Obama.  There are a number of issues that have seemingly reduced the historic enthusiasm of his African American base.  In a tight race,  these schisms include a poor economy, rising police brutality and support of same sex marriage, just to name a few. Could they be enough to keep black voters home or will he get "a pass" based on the understanding of his opposition?  Listen to what U.S. national community activists have to say.  Supervising producer: Emily Just

Public Speaking

Gary Anthony Ramsay joins a national media panel at the 2014 annual Producers Guild of America. The economics of 24/7 global news combined with production and distribution alternatives have created a new, multi-platform news consumer. Social media and digital devices have become indispensable to this emerging audience, forcing traditional news sources to adapt to the digital age while nimble startups continue to redefine news for today’s consumers. This workshop explores how producers are pushing boundaries by harnessing technology and interactivity to create content that can keep up with the high demand of online news consumption as well as serving the needs of traditional “mainstream” news.

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